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Save time, money, labor, and improve worker safety with conveyor, AS/RS automated storage and retrieval systems, and other material handling systems design and implementation

We’ve serviced the Midwest for 42 years as full-service material handling suppliers and systems integrators.

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Examples of how we've helped other companies:

Medical Therapy

Safer work environment without adding square footage

When this eco-conscious, international leader in medical compression therapy garments faced space constraints and efficiency issues, SSI designed a system to increase throughput while maximizing working safety.

Food Distribution

Expanding capacity in existing facility while increasing worker safety

A major local food manufacturer and distributor’s growth was causing cramped and unsafe working conditions. Workers were getting injured and production was being adversely affected. SSI answered the call with less disruption and allowed for beyond expectation expansion.

Fabrics Distribution

Conveyor system increases productivity without increased manpower

This client’s growth left them out of room and with inefficient packing areas. At SSI, we built them a reliable system, allowing them to reduce manpower while increasing productivity.

Production is about time, money, efficiency and efficacy

When one is lost, the rest suffer. Working environments become unsafe and unproductive.

Our job is to design, implement and service solutions best-suited for you and your big problem areas.

From food to fabrics distribution and everything between, we help every type of industry with their unique problems.

How We’re Unlike Anyone Else

Solutions designed by SSI not only address current workflow issues, they anticipate changes in your production levels. The systems we design facilitate your growth.

Our focus is on providing you an answer that keeps working today, tomorrow and onward. The longevity of our customer relationships is part of our story.

We’d love to learn more about you and be a part of your success.

Systems at Work

Here are some video examples of our custom solutions.

Tote orientation change using MDR speed changes thru curve

Back to back TGW Intelliroll MDR sweeping conveyor spurs

TGW polybag modular sortation system

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