Aerospace Manufacturer

A global aerospace manufacturer was expanding its operations in North-East Ohio and reached out to us to implement an automated system to assist in their production to increase efficiency. SSI was able to design and implement an AS/RS system to help the customer achieve their goals.

The Who

This aerospace manufacturer makes high quality equipment to serve the commercial aerospace market including engine housings, gear boxes, shrouds, panels and other detail oriented equipment.

We were more than thrilled to collaborate and work with this client to help them achieve an automated system that would work well with their goals and provide them with the cutting edge of automation technology.

The Challenge

This client’s new facility was an empty shell where they requested our help to design their production facility:

  • A blank slate can make it hard for a company to know exactly what they want.
  • Customer wanted to be able to handle their fragile products to get them from production to finished product with minimal loss.

The client in addition to maintaining production goals also wanted to push for modernizing their production facility and getting state of the art technology.

The Results

At this facility, our complete multi-million dollar turnkey automated solution:

  • Helped the customer to design a solution that worked for them.
  • Reduced amount of “touches” in manufacturing process
  • Assisted in growth of company and increased throughout

Proposed Plans of Attack

Checker already had some thoughts about what would fit their needs. SSI worked with these ideas, and collaborated with Checker employees and management to develop a design that everyone was comfortable with.

We proposed a realistic solution that included:

  • maintaining operation during the equipment install
  • tying into their existing conveying system
  • a system designed for extra growth and non-linear production.

This type of system was equipped to take up highs and lows, curtailing wasted resources and manpower.

What Made SSI the Best Choice

Unlike other solutions companies, we think outside of the box. Our team can visualize various configurations, determine routing methods and put it all on paper. Every customer is different with different constraints in their facility. For us, it’s imperative to be able to visualize a system like this. Cookie cutter solutions rarely work well for end users.

How It Works Now

At our client’s facility they are able to now induct their product into the automated system where it takes the product through several manufacturing processes and is able to take the product through the facility without human touches which helps to minimize on errors in the manufacturing process.

Automating more of the process meant fewer human touches and huge benefits to their production.

SSI was able to produce a fully-fledged plan that enabled work to be done quicker and safer all while the client achieved their production goals.

We’re looking forward to the next few years with them as they continue to push their growth goals and continue to expand their productions.

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