What is a Material Systems Handling Integrator?

Quite the mouthful of a job title, we know. If you’re trying to figure out what we do exactly, keep reading while we break it down

Material Systems Handling Integrator

What do we do?

We rethink the storage and movement of your product and then design systems that make the most sense to your bottom line. Our solutions improve worker safety, efficiency, and how effectively your production runs.

More simply put? Our designs save you time, money, labor and worker injuries.

We design systems that automate production and workflow at all types of manufacturing facilities. Whether your facility deals with fabrics, metals, food…whatever you’re handling, we can move it and store it safer, faster and more efficiently.

Sometimes a solution requires some conveyor systems. Other times we look at what adding automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) will do. Often times, the facility’s footprint needs vertical expansion in the form of warehouse mezzanine systems. Usually it’s a combination of these systems that gets us to our destination.

And that’s our job (and our passion) to figure it out!

Here are a few examples of real clients with very real problems we’ve helped in the past.

So, what kinds of people are material handling systems integrators?

Material handling systems integrators (also called system integrators) have to be very inventive and creative. We also have to be good listeners, realizing that every client we’ve worked with is unique and every facility has its own challenges.

When designing material handling systems, we have to look at the whole picture from different angles to help us anticipate long-term risks and problems.

We don’t just take the puzzle pieces out and rearrange them. We blow the puzzle up.

We re-imagine it without necessarily adding more square footage (something other material handling companies usually jump to immediately).

We take our jobs very seriously (and ourselves a little less seriously) and we like having fun. We’re not in this business looking to make one big sale. We’re looking for long-lasting client relationships that benefit everyone.

How long does it take to design and implement a system?

Total material system integration takes time. We go through a thorough Discovery process and several designs before we implement the system and train personnel, as needed. This can take anywhere from several months to a year or more.

While other systems integration companies use different sources for sales, installation and engineering, we handle everything from design through startup. That means you’re dealing directly with us from start to finish, not several contractors.

Our process is designed to minimize interruptions to your operations. We know that time lost is money lost. And we’re not interested in losing you anything.

Why do we do what we do?

Besides the enjoyment we get from the puzzled looks when we tell people what we do?

Honestly, our passion is putting together a system so you can gain and retain quality personnel while maximizing your facility’s production.

When a project comes together and we see huge leaps in efficiency, we know this is what we’re meant to do. And we’ve heard we’re pretty darned good at it.

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