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Systems Integrations Process for Material Handling

SSI’s process is designed to give you the best available solution to fit your budget, schedule and physical constraints

We’ve developed a seven-step process for successful system implementation. Our consistent approach, no matter how complex the issue, allows us to be objective and thorough in the work we perform.

How We Do What We Do

Define the Issue
This is where we put a name on the issues facing your business. Safety concerns, production issues, lack of workspace and workforce limitations are some of the things we, as system integrators, assist with.

Collect Data
We observe your processes and collect information to quantify the problem. The best way to suggest appropriate equipment types is by working with precise numbers and figures.

Evaluate the Components
Here, we take what we learned and look at it objectively. As integrators, we have no brand loyalty to specific types of equipment. We recommend the best machines, hardware and control systems for the job required of them.

Design the Solution
Everything comes together for consideration in this step. Physical implementation, balancing inputs and outputs and whether we’ve got the right solution to solve the problem. Our unique ability to visualize spaces in three dimensions helps us bring the perfect design to life.

Get Feedback and Redesign
The first solution is never the final one. We receive feedback from the customer and examine the details to make sure implementation is smooth and successful. We redesign until we’ve got it exactly right.

Project Management
This step requires a great deal of collaboration to make sure the scheduling, approval drawings, and software integration are all in place and prepared for the system installation. We make sure the pieces are poised for minimal disruption to your production.

Provide Training and Support
We provide documentation and training on the system we design and the equipment we install. Included in this last step are preventative maintenance schedules and emergency service support. We want you to have the knowhow to grow and succeed. And, if something isn’t working the way it should, we want to make it right.

This process is the result of our 40 years of experience providing solutions to customers just like you. Developing and implementing systems to solve problems is our passion. We’d love to know more about yours. Contact us today!

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